Their vs there: Essential & Clear Examples


A lot of learners of English confuse the use of their vs there and do not know which is which when it comes to writing.

First of all, their and there are homophones; they sound the same. However, they have different meanings and uses.

In this interesting post, you will learn the meaning of there vs their and how the two words are used.

Their vs There Meaning

Below are their vs there meaning and their vs there examples:

Their Meaning

Their: The possessive form of they. It’s a possessive adjective. Their is used to show possession or ownership by more than one person. It indicates that something belongs to a group of people.

There and Their in a Sentence

Their Sentences

Here are some example sentences with their:

  • The students are writing in their notebooks.
  • Husband: Where are the kids? Wife: They are doing their homework.
  • These are my colleagues. Their names are Alex and Janet.
  • Which is their car? The black one.
  • The children love playing with their toys.
  • Pedro and Isabel live in this neighborhood. Their house is very big.
their vs there

There Meaning

There: 1) An adverb used to indicate that something exists or happens.

Example sentences with there meaning 1:
  • There is a book on the desk.
  • There is someone on the phone for you.
  • There is no milk left. we need to buy it.
  • There are some interesting books on the shelf.
  • Where there is a will, there is a way.
  • There was no internet connection this morning.
  • There are many mistakes in this essay. Rewrite it, please.
  • There is no doubt that he is going to pass his exams with flying colors.
  • There isn’t any money in my purse.

There: 2) At, in, or to that place or position.

Example sentences with there meaning 2:
  • Please put it there.
  • A: I’ve lost my keys. Have you seen them? B: They are over there.
  • A: Have ever been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art? B: No, I have never been there.
  • The museum is not open today. Let’s go there tomorrow.
  • How long does it take to get there?

There: 3) Used to attract someone’s attention.

Examples with there meaning 3:
  • There you are! I have been looking for you everywhere.
  • There you are! I have been looking for you everywhere.
  • There you are! I have been looking for you everywhere.

Their vs There Worksheet pdf with Answers

Download there vs their worksheet pdf with answers here.

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