Worksheet on Present Continuous Tense


This worksheet on present continuous tense will surely help you explore the different uses of present continuous. It will also allow you to do some present continuous exercises.

Worksheet on Present Continuous Tense

This present continuous worksheet presents various uses of this tense with present continuous examples.

Download the worksheet on present continuous tense pdf below

Exercise 1: Match each sentence with the correct use of present continuous.

Sentences Present Continuous Uses
1. He’s a disruptive student. He’s always making trouble in class. a. An action happening at or around the moment of speaking.
2. I’m working in Barcelona this month. b. Temporary situations.
3. Our city is getting bigger and bigger.5c. Fixed arrangements in the near future.
4. My father is reading a book right now. d. Changing or developing situations.
5.  We are traveling to Berlin tomorrow at 6 p.m. e. Repeated actions with always, constantly, continually, etc. expressing the speaker’s annoyance or criticism.
Present continuous tense uses

Present Continuous Worksheet pdf with answers

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