Useful 20 Words Related to Shopping with Meaning in English


Whether you want to negotiate the price, seek recommendations, shop online, or simply explore different shops in a shopping center or shopping mall, understanding the vocabulary related to shopping is key to effective communication. What are the most common 20 words related to shopping with meaning in English?

Useful 20 Words Related to Shopping with Meaning in English

Here is a list of 20 words related to shopping with meaning in English:

  • Bargain (n)
  1. Something offered at a price advantageous to the buyer.
  2. Agreement on the price of something.
  • Shop assistant

A person who serves customers in a shop.

  • Buyer

A person who buys something.

  • Shopper
  1. A person who is looking for things to buy.
  2. A shopping basket or bag.
  • Purchase

Special offers: cheaper prices than normal

  • Checkout (n)

The act, place, or time of checking out, such as at a supermarket, a hotel, etc.

  • Item

a single thing in a shop or supermarket.

  • Haggling.

Discussing prices and trying to reduce them.

A group of shops/stores linked together with a car park and restaurants.

  • Shopping mall (US)

Enclosed and covered area for shopping, with shops, restaurants, banks, and other different facilities.

  • Street market

A market that is held in a street with stalls along both sides of the roadway.


  • Shop around (v)

To go to various shops or offices and compare prices before buying something or before placing an order.

  • Window shopping

Looking at goods in shop windows, without buying anything.

  • Discount

An amount deducted from the normal price

  • Customer

A person who buys goods from a shop or uses the services of a business, etc.

  • Merchandise

Items available in shops/stores.

  • Trend

The current style, vogue

  • Trendy


  • Spend

To pay (out) money.

  • Credit card

A plastic card issued by a bank that allows you to pay for goods and services on credit.

Phrasal Verbs Related to Shopping

  • Shop around

To go to various shops/ stores and compare prices before you buy something.

  • Try on

Put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits you or if you like it.

  • Take of

Remove a piece of clothing.

  • Pay for

Give money in order to buy something.

  • Line up/ queue up

Stand in a line behind people waitingfor your turn to pay for something…

  • Sell out (of something)

To have sold all the available items in a shop/ store.

Words and Phrases Related to Shopping in Sentences

Some of the 20 shopping related vocabulary are used in useful sentences below:

  • Can you serve this customer first, please?
  • I bought this carpet after haggling over the price for two hours.
  • I like modern shopping centers because everything is under one roof.
  • We were very impressed with the selection of merchandise at this store.
  • Teenagers spend a lot of money on trendy clothes.
  • My father spent all his savings to buy a shop.
  • Nowadays, most people do their shopping in large shopping centers.

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