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Many learners of English find themselves questioning the correctness of certain phrases in the English language. For example, they ask different questions about the word “shopping” such as ‘is it correct to say do shopping?’ What does doing shopping mean? What’s the difference between go shopping and do shopping? Is it correct to say do shopping or go shopping? How can use shopping in a sentence?

So, is it correct to say do shopping?

No, it’s not correct to say do shopping. Instead, you can say do the shopping. You can also say go shopping, but what’s the difference between do the shopping and go shopping?

Is It Correct to Say Do Shopping?

As we mentioned before, it’s correct to say do the shopping or go shopping NOT do shopping.

What’s the difference between go shopping and do the shopping?

Do the shopping meaningGo shopping meaning
Do the shopping‘ means the regular daily, weekly, or monthly shopping that you do for food and household items. Doing the shopping is a household chore like doing the ironing, doing the washing, etc.‘Go shopping’ also means the shopping that you do for food and household items, but it also means shopping as a leisure activity. For example, we go shopping for clothes

Shopping in Sentences with the Verbs Go and Do

Go shopping or do the shopping examples sentences:

  • I prefer to go shopping in the city center.
  • I usually go shopping for clothes at the weekend.
  • I prefer to pay by credit card when going shopping.
  • I do not like doing the shopping on Saturdays as the town is very crowded then.
  • A lot of people do their shopping online nowadays.
  • We do our shopping in the local supermarket.

Words and Phrases Related to Shopping

  • go shopping
  • do the shopping
  • online shopping
  • shop online
  • online review
  • credit cards
  • delivery address
  • receive the delivery
  • order number
  • merchandise
  • item
  • explore
  • delivery options
  • pay by cheque
  • pay by credit card
  • buy something online
  • on sale
  • for sale
  • wholesale
  • retail
  • return/refund
  • bargain
  • trend
  • checkout

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