Apostrophe Examples Sentences: S’ or ‘S Rule


This post will provide you with some apostrophe examples sentences that illustrate the different apostrophe rules. What is an apostrophe?

The apostrophe (‘) is a small punctuation mark that can cause a lot of confusion for writers. Knowing how to use apostrophe in English is essential to grammar and writing. That is, using apostrophe (‘) properly helps you convey your intended meaning correctly.

Apostrophe Examples

apostrophe examples

In English, the apostrophe (‘) has 3 main uses:

  1. To show contraction
  2. To indicate possession
  3. To show the plural of a letter, number, or symbol.

Apostrophe to Show Contraction

We use an apostrophe (‘) to create contractions, which are shortened versions of words. Below are some examples of apostrophe (‘) showing contraction:

  • I’m from Canada. (The full version of ‘am’ is apostrophe m: I am from Canada)
  • My teacher’s very helpful. (My teacher is very helpful)
  • It’s six to the nose. (It is six to the nose)
  • They’re coming to the party now. (They are coming to the party now)
  • I’ve finished doing my homework. (I have finished doing my homework)
  • They don’t use the internet properly. (They do not use the internet properly)
  • Sarah doesn’t speak Chinese. (Sarah does not speak Chinese)

Apostrophe to Show Possession

One of the most common uses of apostrophes is to show possession. For example, if you want to show that a book belongs to Tim, you can write: “This is Tim’s book.” In this case, the apostrophe (‘) goes before the s because you are showing that Tim owns the book.

Here are some examples of apostrophe that show possession:

  1. That is my brother’s ball.
  2. This is Tom’s car.
  3. Our teacher’s accent is Australian.
  4. That is my friend’s house.
  5. The car parked over there is my sister’s.
  6. The smartphone on the desk is my teacher’s.

Apostrophe to Show Plural of numbers

The apostrophe (‘) is used before s to show the plural of a number, a letter, or a symbol. The following are examples of apostrophe before s indicating plural f numbers, letters, and symbols.

  • In 1960’s
  • How many 2’s are there in 8? Four 2’s.
  • The word “sentence” contains two n’s.
  • The word “attitude” has 3 t’s.
  • This piece of writing contains many &’s. (This piece of writing contains many ampersands)

Apostrophe Examples Sentences

20 Examples of Apostrophe

  1. He didn’t attend yesterday’s meeting.
  2. You should follow your doctor’s pieces of advice.
  3. You shouldn’t eat much fat.
  4. I haven’t been there yet.
  5. She’s read this novel before.
  6. It’s been a hectic day.
  7. It’s a beautiful day outside
  8. I’d like to join your team. What’s your view on that?
  9. He won’t be able to attend the party as she’ll be too busy with her guests.
  10. The birds’ nests were skilfully crafted.
  11. The employees’ uniforms are all the same color.
  12. The students’ school bags are heavy.
  13. The director’s decision is final.
  14. We succeeded thanks to our team’s hard work.
  15. I’ll email you tomorrow’s meeting agenda.
  16. The 1970’s is known as a decade of soaring inflation in the United States.
  17. There are three 2’s in 6.
  18. There are two p’s in the word apostrophe.
  19. This suit is my father’s.
  20. Olivia’s from the United States.

The above sentences cover a range of uses of apostrophes, including possession, contractions, and plural possessives.

S’ or ‘S Rule

apostrophe examples sentences

The apostrophe rules and apostrophe examples below will surely fix your apostrophe mistakes.

Apostrophe After S

  • The apostrophe after s is used with plural periods of time. Here are some examples:
  1. We have 3 weeks’ holiday every year.
  2. I’m really tired because I have only 4 hours’ sleep.
  3. I should’ve had at least 7 hours’ sleep.
  • The apostrophe after s is also used to show plural possession. Here are some examples:
  1. All my kids’ teachers are American.
  2. My students’ assignments were perfectly done.

Exception: If the plural is irregular and does not end in s, the apostrophe goes before s. The following are examples:

  • The children’s toys are scattered in the room.
  • The people’s demands are many.

Apostrophe Before S

As we have mentioned before, the apostrophe is used before s to show singular possession, indicate contractions, and show the plural of a number, letter, and symbol.

Other Apostrophe Rules

  • The apostrophe (‘) before s can also be used when the first noun refers to a group of people. The following are some examples:
  1. Our national team’s history is full of awards.
  2. This company’s priority is to improve customer service.
  3. Our company’s head office is in New York.
  4. One of the government’s roles is to provide
  • The apostrophe (‘) before s is used if the first noun is a person or an animal. Look at the examples below.
  1. This is the headmaster’s office.
  2. The dog’s igloo is warm.
  • The apostrophe before s is also used with time words:
  1. Tomorrow’s meeting is really important.
  2. Yesterday’s classes were interesting.
  3. The next week’s flights have been canceled for security reasons.

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