Proper Order of Adjectives in English: Excellent Examples


In English, an adjective is usually used before the noun it describes or modifies. When there is more than one adjective, they should be placed in a specific order before the noun. This specific order is known as the Royal Order of Adjectives.

In this post, you’ll learn the proper order of adjectives in English.

Proper Order of Adjectives in English

When used together, adjectives tend to come in the following proper order.

Personal opinionSize Physical qualityAgeShapeColour OriginMaterialPurposeNoun
Order of Adjectives Chart

The adjectives listed in the table above can be grouped into three categories, namely personal opinion, general qualities, and type.

Adjectives that show what we think are personal opinion adjectives. Size, physical, age, and shape adjectives describe general qualities. Meanwhile, the adjectives that describe the color, origin, material, and purpose delve into the specific details that shape an item’s identity and function (type).

The proper order of adjectives in English is as follows: opinion, size, physical attribute, age, shape, color, origin, material, and purpose (function).

Royal Order of Adjectives Examples Sentences

Here are some examples of sentences with the order of adjectives:

  • Look at her large blue eyes.
  • A beautiful deep red sunset.
  • A delicious big Italian pizza.
  • A handsome tall young black athlete.
  • A wonderful huge solid old round red American wooden table.

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