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Have you ever had trouble knowing which verb goes with which noun? For instance, do you know when to use make and when to use do? If you aren’t sure, do not worry. You aren’t alone.

A lot of learners of English have trouble with make and do collocations, but this make and do colocations list will help you learn the words that combine and co-occur with the verbs make and do. Learning such collocations will help you expand your English vocabulary.

Make and Do Collocations list

Below is a list of collocations with make as well as a list of collocations with do.

make and do collocations list
Make and do collocations list

Make Collocations Examples

Here is a list of collocations with make examples.

Makea choice
a cake
a cup of tea
a mistake
a mess
the bed(s)
(a) noise
a choice
a mistake
a decision
a plan
a suggestion
a request
a complaint
an offer
an apology
a promise
a prediction
a phone call
a speech
a change
an impact
a wish
a profit
a fortune
a living
a connection
a comment
a reservation
an effort
a point
an attempt
a difference
an excuse
a list
an assumption
a sale
  • Make a choice
  • Make a cake
  • Make breakfast
  • Make lunch
  • Make dinner
  • Make a cup of tea
  • Make a mistake
  • Make a mess
  • Make the bed(s)
  • Make (a) noise
  • Make a choice
  • Make a mistake
  • Make a decision
  • Make a plan
  • Make a suggestion
  • Make a request
  • Make a complaint
  • Make an offer
  • Make an apology
  • Make friends
  • Make a promise
  • Make a prediction
  • Make a phone call
  • Make a speech
  • Make a change
  • Make an impact
  • Make a wish
  • Make a profit
  • Make a fortune
  • Make a living
  • Make a connection
  • Make a comment
  • Make a reservation
  • Make arrangements
  • Make an effort
  • Make money
  • Make a point
  • Make progress
  • Make trouble
  • Make an attempt
  • Make a difference
  • Make an excuse
  • Make a list
  • Make an assumption
  • Make a sale
  • Make a break (make the break)

Do Collocations Examples

Here is a list of some common collocations with do.

Do the housework
your homework
your hair (= brush/comb)
the dishes(= wash)
the laundry (=wash clothes, sheets…)
a job
well ≠ badly (in a test/ an exam…)
someone a favour
The kitchen (clean)
the lawn (= mow)
the flowers (= arrange)
the shopping/the cooking/the ironing
the washing (= wash clothes)
the washing-up (= wash dishes, plates…)
the cleaning (= clean the house …)
physics/biology…(= study)
sport /exercise
a course (= take a course)
an exam/a test
a quiz (= take an exam …)
a project
your best       
  • Do the housework
  • Do your homework
  • Do something
  • Do anything
  • Do everything
  • Do nothing
  • Do your hair (= brush/comb)
  • Do the dishes(= wash)
  • Do the laundry (=wash clothes, sheets…)
  • Do a job
  • Do bad
  • Do good
  • Do well ≠ badly (in a test/ an exam…)
  • Do someone a favour
  • Do harm
  • Do the kitchen (clean)
  • Do the lawn (= mow)
  • Do the flowers (= arrange)
  • Do the shopping/the cooking/the ironing
  • Do the washing (= wash clothes)
  • Do the washing-up (= wash dishes, plates…)
  • Do the cleaning (= clean the house …)
  • Do /biology…(= study)
  • Do sport /exercise
  • Do a course (= take a course)
  • Do an exam/a test
  • Do a quiz (= take an exam …)
  • Do research
  • Do a project
  • Do your best       
  • Do business

Make and Do Collocations in Sentences

Collocations with make and do used in sentences.

Do Collocations in sentences

  1. You should always do your homework before going to bed.
  2. It’s really important to do exercise regularly to keep fit.
  3. She usually does the dishes after dinner.
  4. You did a great job. Keep up the good work!
  5. Could you do me a favor and lend me some money?
  6. Before writing your paper, you should do some research.
  7. Do your best to attain your daily objectives.
  8. I have decided to do a course in communication.
  9. My mom is doing the cleaning right now. She will call you back later.
  10. “I need to do my hair for the party,” said Olivia.
  11. He is a good citizen. He usually does voluntary work.
  12. We have a lot of housework to do this weekend.
  13. He is a businessman. He does business in different countries.
  14. When are you going to do the laundry? I need some clothes for tomorrow.
  15. I didn’t do yesterday’s exam as I was sick.
  16. My son is going to do Physics at the university.
  17. Always do good and never do bad.
  18. Who is going to do the kitchen?
  19. I did everything to solve that problem but in vain.
  20. Could you do the ironing, please? I need that white shirt.

Make Collocations Examples sentences

  • I made a mistake, I’m sorry.
  • I will make a phone call to confirm my reservation.
  • The only way to make progress in learning a language is consistent practice.
  • You should make more effort to pass your exams with flying colors.
  • Think twice before you make a final decision.
  • Doing voluntary work can make a great difference in people’s lives.
  • He made a promise to be always on time for work.
  • Let us make a reservation this evening.
  • If your company follows these strategies, you will make a significant profit this year.
  • We have decided to make a donation to the local charity.
  • It’s time to make a choice between the two job offers.
  • I need to make an appointment with the dentist.
  • Let me make some suggestions for the next holiday.
  • The president made an outstanding speech.
  • Some students always make lame excuses for their absenteeism.
  • They own many multinational companies. They make a fortune every year.
  • Kids always make a mess in the living room.
  • It is your fault and you must make an apology.
  • I work so hard to make money.
  • Social media has made it possible to make virtual friends.

This make and do collocations list is a good resource for English learners. It can help them learn new vocabulary that they can use in both writing and speaking.

Collocations with Make and Do Exercises

Here are some collocations with make and do exercises that will help you practice the use of the verbs make and do.

  • Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs make or do.
  1. I like to ……..… my homework in the evening, but my brother usually …..….. his homework very early in the morning.
  2.  My mom makes me ……………….. my bed every morning.
  3. My dad …………… a lot of money at his job.
  4. I ……………….. a mistake on my math test yesterday.
  5. We need to …………………. a plan for our school trip.
  6. I ……………… breakfast for myself every morning.
  7. My mom …………….. the dishes every night.
  8. Could you ………… a favor, my dear friend?
  9. My dad …………………. a lot of business in Canada.
  10. I ………………. a sandcastle on the beach yesterday.
  11. I ……………….. a lot of progress in my swimming lessons.
  12. We need to ……………… a decision about where to go on vacation.
  13. My sister is always ……………. new friends.
  14. I ……………… my best to help my classmates with their homework.
  15. My mom ……………… the laundry every weekend.
  16. My dad ………………. a lot of gardening.
  17. My mom ……………………. a lot of delicious meals for us.
  18. Our teacher asked us to ………………… an exercise on page 25.
  19. I ……………exercise twice a week.
  • Exercise 2: Match the verbs make and do with the right words to make collocations.
  • A. Make
  • B. Do
  1. sport
  2. money
  3. exercise
  4. friends
  5. business
  6. a decision
  7. good
  8. a list
  9. a plan
  10. a favor
  11. the dishes
  12. mistakes
  13. progress
  14. a promise
  15. a good job
  16. your bed
  17. dinner
  18. some mths exercises
  19. an English test
  20. a call

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