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Expand your sport words by learning the most common words associated with sports. In this post, we’ll help you enrich your sport related vocabulary.

30 Words Associated with Sports and their Meaning

Here is a list of the most common 30 words associated with sports and their meaning in simple English. The words that are connected to playing sports below are given concise definitions.


A person who participates in sports, typically trained and skilled in a specific sport.


A group of athletes or players who work together to achieve a common goal.


A person who trains, instructs, and guides athletes or a team in a specific sport.


The leader of a team who is responsible for making decisions on the field and representing the team.


A competitive activity or contest in sports, with specific rules and objectives.


A match is a specific contest or competition between two teams or individuals.


 A series of matches or games played to determine a champion.


The highest level of competition in a particular sport, often involving multiple teams or athletes.


 A win or triumph in a competition or game.


A loss or failure to win a game or competition.


The number of points or goals achieved by a team or player in a game.


 A unit of scoring in various sports, determining the outcome of a game or match.


 A successful attempt to score points in sports like soccer, hockey, or basketball.


A punishment imposed on a player or team because of a rule violation./ A chance to score a point or goal without any defending players, except the goalkeeper.


An official who enforces the rules during a game and makes decisions on fouls or infractions.


A foul is a rule violation committed by a player, resulting in a free kick or a penalty for the opposing team.

Yellow card

A yellow card is a card shown by the referee to caution a player for a less serious offense. A player receiving two yellow cards results in a red card. If a player, gets a red card, he/she is not allowed to play for the rest of the game.


An official who oversees and makes decisions in sports like cricket, baseball, or tennis.


A large sports venue where games or matches are held, usually with rows of seats for spectators.


The playing area in sports like football, rugby, or hockey


The playing area in sports like basketball, tennis, or volleyball.


 The playing area in sports like soccer, cricket, or baseball.


 The designated path or course for races in athletics or horse racing.


The state of being physically fit and healthy. This is often achieved through training and regular exercise.


A facility equipped for indoor sports and physical exercise.


The ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.


The ability to sustain prolonged physical effort or activity.


 Physical harm or damage caused by participating in a sport.

Tackle (in football, hockey, etc.)

To try to dispossess an opponent of the ball by blocking or taking the ball away using legal means.

Pass (v)

To kick, hit or throw the ball to a teammate.

Save (v)

To prevent an opponent’s shot from going into the goal.

National Anthem

The official song of a nation that is sung on special occasions.

Sport Words: Collocations

The table below shows some important collocations and words related to sports and their meaning.

Sport-related collocations and phrasesMeaning
To play a match/ a gameTo engage in a specific game or match.
To score a goal/pointTo successfully achieve a goal or score points.
To win a match/gameTo achieve victory in a specific game or match.
To lose a match/gameTo suffer defeat in a specific game or match.
To set a record To establish a new performance or achievement in a particular sport.
To break a recordTo surpass or exceed an existing performance or achievement in a particular sport.
To hold a record To maintain a specific performance or achievement in a particular sport.
Team spiritA sense of camaraderie and cooperation among teammates.
To train hardTo engage in intense practice and physical preparation.
To go for the goldTo strive to win or achieve the highest level of success.
To warm up To engage in preparatory exercises or activities before a game or match.
Home advantageThe advantage gained by a team playing in their own stadium or venue.
To give it your allTo put forth maximum effort or energy.
To throw in the towelTo give up or concede defeat.
To set up a goalTo create an opportunity for a teammate to score by providing an accurate pass or cross.
To control the midfieldTo dominate the central area of the field, typically by having possession and dictating play.
Go on the attack To focus on offensive play and attempt to score goals.
Words related to sports with meaning

Sports Words: 13 Words Associated with Athletics

What are the 13 words related to athletics?

Athletics meet

A gathering or competition where athletes participate in various track and field events.


The beginning of a race or event, often signaled by a starter’s gun or whistle.

Finish line (= finishing line)

The line that marks the end of a race, where athletes strive to cross first.


An award given to athletes who achieve top positions in a competition, typically gold, silver, or bronze.


The designated path or course for races in athletics.


A short-distance race run at top speed.

High jump

An event in which athletes attempt to jump over a horizontal bar set at a certain height without dislodging it.

Long jump

A jumping event in which athletes aim to cover the longest horizontal distance from a running start.

Shot put

An event in which athletes throw a heavy spherical object (shot) as far as possible.


A race in which a team of athletes takes turns running specific distances, passing a baton from one runner to the next.

Discus throw

An event in which athletes attempt to throw a discus, a heavy circular object, as far as possible.

Pole vault

An event in which athletes use a long, flexible pole to propel themselves over a horizontal bar set at increasing heights.


A long-distance race of about 42 kilometers or 26 miles.

Sports Words of Encouragement

  • “Don’t give up!”
  • “Keep pushing!”
  • “You’ve got this!”
  • “You’re doing great!”
  • “Stay focused!”
  • “Keep your head up!”
  • “Believe in yourself!”
  • “You’re strong and capable!”
  • “Keep fighting until the end!”
  • “You’ve trained for this, trust your skills!”
  • “Stay positive and keep going!”
  • “Stay determined and give it your all!”
  • “You’re unstoppable!”
  • “Keep working hard!”
  • “You’re an inspiration!”

To practice sports related words, download this interesting worksheet here.

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