Because of in a Sentence: Useful Examples of Because Of


You’ll learn because of meaning and how to use because of in a sentence in this post. Also, we’ll list some synonyms of because of.

Because of meaning

Because of is a preposition. It means as a result of.

Because of in a Sentence Examples

because of in a sentence

Here are 10 example sentences that show the use of because of:

  • They canceled the match because of the heavy rain.
  • She couldn’t sleep last night because of insomnia.
  • Because of the fact that the soup was too hot, I burnt my mouth.
  • Because of the road conditions, they had an accident.
  • They had an accident because of ice on the road.
  • The accident was because of the icy road.
  • A lot of protests took place all over the world because of the rise in prices.
  • Because of the manager’s sickness, the meeting was postponed.
  • The meeting was postponed because of the manager’s sickness.
  • He failed all his exams because of his laziness.
  • Because of his injured leg, he walks very slowly.

Tips About the Use of Because of

  • You can start a sentence with because of.
  • Because of can be used in the middle of the sentence.
  • Because of is followed by a noun. (Because of + noun)
  • Because of + the fact that + subject + verb.

Because of Synonym

What Are the Synonyms of Because of?

The preposition because of has a number of synonyms. Here are some:

Because of Synonyms
  • Owing to
  • Due to
  • On account of
  • As a result of
  • As a consequence of
  • By reason of
  • Thanks to
  • The cause of…is/was…
  • …was caused by…

Other Because of Examples Sentences

Here are some other because of examples:

  • We missed the train because of the heavy traffic.
  • Some schools were closed because of the snowstorm.
  • I couldn’t attend my friend’s party because of my prior commitment.
  • Because of her excellent communication skills, she was chosen as the spokesperson for the team.
  • Because of the CEO’s unexpected absence, the meeting was postponed.
  • Because of my allergy to peanuts, I always double-check food labels before eating.
  • Our picnic was canceled because of the sudden heavy rain.
  • Many businesses and organizations had to adapt to remote work because of the pandemic.
  • Some students were nervous because of the challenging questions on the exam.
  • He missed the exam because of a sudden illness.

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